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Pastor Edler Saintjuste
Prophetess Letosha Saintjuste

Pastor Edler Saintjuste “Saint” and Prophetess Letosha SaintJuste “Tosha”
are the Founders and Pastors of Fully Redeemed Outreach Ministry (F.R.O.M).

Welcome to Fully Redeemed Outreach Ministry

Pastor Saint holds a Master’s in Biblical Studies from Colorado Christian University and is

a retired Army Officer of 20 yrs of service. After many trials and tribulation, on March 3rd,

2019 he was ordained as a Minister and received his license to preach the

Word of God. On Jan 1st, 2021 he finally accepts his original calling as a

pastor according to the prophecies previously made concerning Him.

Prophetess Letosha SaintJuste “Tosha” a singer, praise and worship

leader, and a servant in her own rights. She is very gifted and began

her walk with God at an early age. Prophetess Tosha is an avid

advocate for the youth and millennials, a visionary and anointed

revelatory. She is a licensed cosmetologist and proud owner of

Pure Perfectionist a hair salon in Hope Mills, NC. On Jan 1st,

2021 she finally accepts her original calling as a prophetess

according to the prophecies previously made concerning



Together they have four beautiful children. Michael,

Tarmisha, Yasmine and Nadia all reside in Hope Mills, NC. They also have a beautiful granddaughter by the name of Juliana. They are so blessed to have their children ministering along with them.

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