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We are all called to do ministry and even minister, but in all kinds of different ways so that the gospel can be proclaimed, the kingdom can be built, and God can be glorified — it is the calling of God.
God is the only Supreme Being.  The gospel is the only idea that is profound. God can choose to call us, equip us,
and use us in His ministry and way He wants to and it is one of His many acts of grace upon us and the world.
Along with the worship of God, community or fellowship of believers, and missions or evangelism, ministry
is one of the pillars of the New Testament church. It is not the calling of some, but the privilege of all believers.
It is how we can “…serve one another in love” (Galatians 5:13).

We Invite You to come Worship with Us and Partake in Our Ministry Events and Activities. 

Prayer Ministry
Youth and Millenials Ministry
Outreach Ministry
Marriage Ministry
Eunice Dickerson Scholarship Fund
T.W.T.S. (Talking With the Saints)
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